Special Services

Fast Service

We understand that sometimes you need immediate service. We worked hard to make sure we can accommodate your requests by having the flexible scheduling.

Modern Vehicle Fleet

All vehicles are equipped and updated to maintain the most recent regulations

Custom Services

Customs Entry Clearance Transit Licenses Export Documentation

Online Tracking

All our clients have direct access to our systems via a client portal website.

Special Delivery Channel (SDC) service specializes in hand to hand delivery service and complete end to end secure solution for distribution of shipments which need extra care and security. We provide logistics support and solutions for delivering for banks, ministries and
e-commerce establishments. This service is tailored for:

Hand to Hand delivery
VIP Gift items (i.e. Eid holiday gifts, special occasion gifts etc).
Special invitation cards (i.e. Marriage Parties, Business Invitation etc).
ATM Cards, Credit cards and Pin Code.
Customer Cheque books.

As business grows in a competitive environment support functions such as mail management tend to increase as well. Human and financial resources are consumed at the expense of core activities that have made your company successful. Outsourcing mail management activities will allow you focusing on the business activities that are important without sacrificing quality or service in the support functions.
Mail Management and messenger services are essential part of every corporate communication strategy.Despite the rapid growth in e-communications, “hard copy” correspondence and printed material remains a practical reality. We are very proud that we are the first Mail Management service provider in the world that got ISO certification for its processes.

We provide a comprehensive mail management service that includes:
Full delivery and dispatch services
Sending Mail and distribution
Package signing and notification
Local Post service acceptance
Multi-site, intercompany transfers
Unusual item control and management
Fully automated solution
Dangerous Goods We cater and provide services for Dangerous Goods and assistance on the required documentation to ensure fast and reliable clearing of DG shipments at Saudi Customs.
Data Validation One-off projects or regular customers data clean up and address validation for businesses that requires retaining an up to date customer data.
Mail Shot This service is suitable for businesses with interest of mass distribution of gifts, invitations or marketing brochures to their target customers.
Archiving This service provide state of the art archiving of data file with fully automated solution for easy access, safe keeping and retrieval of important documents.