ABS has started at the 1st year of 21 century, exactly 2001, through a very competitive edge between the big five courier companies, which explain the hard start and challenge. From beginning we work to reach our target that: be the first Egyptian's Courier Company own worldwide network. And we almost reach our dream. The main concept was how to be different, so we decide to go through the hard way

We believe that all the competitors offers the same services by the same operations:

  • 1- The main issue was how to handle customer need and gain his satisfaction; we were pioneer in making tailored services even for small and medium customers.
  • 2- On the other hand to be sure that we provide slandered performance, We deal with the big courier companies (win win deal) to deliver their local shipment specially in remote distances and deliver our intl shipments through their worldwide network.
  • 3- When we were capable to offer new products which depend on infrastructure and invest, we did not hesitate to penetrate the Egyptian market with Supply Chain model of services.
  • 4- We are preparing to handle all Intl shipments (Import & Export) through our Owned facility warehouse at Egyptian Air Port.
  • 5- We focused for give the customer the solutions not just delivery. So we are deferent. Now we are very sure that we can deal with a wide variety of services which are beyond customers needs looks like.