Fast Service

We understand that sometimes you need immediate service. We worked hard to make sure we can accommodate your requests by having the flexible scheduling.

Modern Vehicle Fleet

All vehicles are equipped and updated to maintain the most recent regulations

Custom Services

Customs Entry Clearance Transit Licenses Export Documentation

Online Tracking

All our clients have direct access to our systems via a client portal website.


The logistics industry is all about providing fast turnaround, innovative solution, efficient operations and on-time delivery. We understand the importance of this and that is why we bring you: Logistics and Distribution.

Our customers will enjoy a wide range of services that add significant value to their business such as:

  • State of the art warehousing facility.
  • A modern warehouse management system
  • On-line access for accurate and reliable inventory management system.
  • International sea and air freight services.
  • Customs clearance associated value added services
  • Distribution services reaching more than 200 cities and villages throughout The Egyptian Arabic Republic
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